Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance can prove very beneficial for your pet if a medical emergency arises! That is why we recommend insuring your pet as soon as you bring him/her home to ensure new health conditions and illnesses are covered! While there are a wide variety of pet insurances out there, we recommend Trupanion! They have the unique ability to pay your hospital directly, so you won't have to be reimbursed. Their plans are simple and cover 90% of eligible costs. Contact us or click the button below to learn more about pet insurance!


Client Testimonial

Thunder is my 3yr old lab mix. He is my baby boy and a family dog. In August during the heatwave, Thunder became mopey and started to lay around a lot... I thought he was depressed. After day 3, his attitude didn't change. I took him to the daytime emergency vets Five Star Vet Center. They did a work up on him and they told me he was in Addisonian Crisis. They got him stable so I could transport him to the night time emergency clinic. Then first thing Monday morning I took him to my primary vet: Dr. Bill at Green Prairie AH - Lincoln. He told me what I had to do right then and there and what the long term care would be. I was shocked. I did not have the kind of money they were telling me I needed to help him through the crisis and to help him long term. Luckily, I had pet insurance called Trupanion for him. I told the vet I had Trupanion and with my plan they covered 90% of his vet bills, in regards to the issue. Trupanion will cover 90% of all hospital bills, medications, and any blood work that Thunder will need for long term care. I am beyond thankful that I thought ahead and got insurance in incase of an emergency situation like this. With monthly shots and routine blood work Thunder is running around and playing with his best friend Buttercup.