Why Microchip?

  • A microchip is Permanent – it won’t get lost or break. And lasts a lifetime.
  • Microchipping is a quick and easy procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia.
    A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. Insertion of a microchip is more like an injection between the shoulder blades and less like surgery. No anaesthesia is needed. And often, a pet will get the chip while another procedure involving anesthesia is being performed.
  • Information can be updated anytime, anywhere. – So don’t worry if you move and need to change your Phone Number/ Address!
  • Microchipping has been proven to be effective in locating lost pets.
    According to a study cited in an article on Ollie Blog, 73% of stray dogs and cats with microchips were located and went back home.

    An article on Woodridge Veterinary Clinic’s website reported that the return of microchipped pets happens 30-50% more often than pets who don’t have chips. Keeping your information current with the microchip company, of course, is vital.
  • Most shelters and vets have microchip scanners.
    Certainly, a microchip needs a scanner to be of any use. But almost all vets and animal control services have scanners. Microchip manufacturers make universal microchip readers available to the shelter community that can read microchip numbers from different companies.

    When an animal is taken to a vet or a shelter, it is scanned in case it has a microchip number. The microchip company is contacted for the owner’s information. The registered owner is then contacted.