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We Are AAHA Accredited!

All three of our locations are proud to be AAHA accredited veterinary hospitals. Fewer than 15% of veterinary practices nationwide earn AAHA accreditation. In order to do so, you must undergo routine inspections from veterinary experts who have a single purpose: to certify excellence in everything you do. Our clients rest easy knowing that the team at their back practices medicine with standards that are among the highest in the world.

AAHA Accredited
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About Green Prairie Animal Hospitals

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What our clients are saying about us

I rescued a beautiful German Shepherd who sadly had heartworms. Green Prairie San Jose helped me get him treated properly. He is now 6 months heartworm-free!!! Always exceptional care.


We called with an emergency that our usual vet was unable to handle. Dr. Bill had us bring [our pet] right in and treated her over his lunch hour. Everyone in the office was very professional and treated us like long-time friends, not just a number. We have transferred all of [our pet's] care to Dr. Bill and Green Prairie Sherman, and will highly recommend them!


We received EXCELLENT service!! Our family felt very safe leaving our dog for overnight care and were pleased with the entire experience! I would highly recommend it! Definitely will be returning! Thank you!


Everyone was great and Argus was treated amazingly well. I am confident in the treatment he is going to receive. I have heard great reviews and that is why we drove from Springfield to Green Prairie Sherman. I am certainly glad we did.


What an awesome experience! I've never seen such a loving, caring staff! I didn't feel pressured at all to have certain things done that weren't in my budget today nor did I feel like another number waiting patiently to be called upon! The office was clean, the entire staff was so genuinely sweet and thoughtful, even our cat was relaxed! It's hard switching from a vet we've been going to for 10 years that I love, but since this one is closer to our home and recommended by a friend, thought we'd try it out! Couldn't be more pleased!


Absolutely amazing place! Staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. They actually care about your pet (two high anxiety dogs in my case). Very patient and will take as much time as needed to get your pet comfortable and give the best care possible.


I have to give praise where praise is deserved. Yesterday our cat went into labor and was having complications. Around midnight I knew she was not going to be able to deliver naturally. So in a panic, I called. Not only did they get out of bed to save our sweet girl and her babies, they also beat the price of other places.


I moved to Lincoln a little more than a year ago and started coming here right away! The staff is helpful and friendly! When we noticed my dog was having a weight problem, they took action right away. It took a while to diagnose the problem but once they did, we began his treatment and he’s begun dropping weight and is looking healthier and happier than ever!


Our family is grateful for the exceptionally good care provided to our Niko by the entire staff…Dr. Bill has been wonderful, extremely knowledgeable and very compassionate.


I am beyond thankful for the amazing staff at Green Prairie Lincoln. We have always had excellent care with our fur babies. Here recently our golden retriever was hit by a vehicle. A simple procedure for wound repairs turned quickly into a life saving measure when it was found Lucy and a collapsed lung and blood in her chest cavity. Dr. Gretchen saved her life. Words of thanks aren’t enough.

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