We provide comprehensive dental care for most equine needs, from basic cleaning and floating to corrective dental interventions. All horses, from weanling to senior, benefit from annual dental examinations. This simple routine care can reduce the amount of tooth loss, diagnose other medical conditions such as choke and colic, and may ultimately prolong a horse’s lifespan.

Power equipment is used in our dental work, increasing accuracy, promoting efficiency, and aiding in precise and complete correction of dental problems. These services are offered at either our clinic or your farm for your convenience and the comfort of your animals.




Yearly dental exams are recommended. Since your horse chews his food from side to side, sharp points can form and cause pain in his cheeks and gums that can cause sores. Dr. George uses his power dental tools to grind down those points and smooth out the tooth.

  • How do you know when it is time for your horse to have a Dental Exam?
  • If your horse is dropping hay or grain out of his mouth that’s a good indication of needing dental care
  • If your horse is dropping weight (he might not be getting the most out of his feed)
  • Severe odor coming from mouth/nose
  • Bloody saliva coming from mouth
  • Refusing to take bridle
  • Alot of yawning or tilting