Rehab Services We Offer

Massage, Assistive Devices (Prosthetics, Orthotics), Strengthening Exercises, Thermotherapy/Cryotherapy

Therapeutic Laser

Balance/Coordination Exercise

We offer specialized programs to help your pet build/gain muscle after injury or orthopedic surgery.

Consultation with your doctor and our rehab CVT to get a tailored rehab plan specialized for your pet and their issue.

Weekly visits thereafter for one-on-one work with the rehab CVT.

Rehabilitation Therapy can benefit many of these conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Muscle injuries
  • Neck nerve compression or injury
  • Obesity & weight management
  • Spinal disc degeneration, paralysis, spinal cord degeneration, weakness
  • Tendonitis
  • Post orthopedic surgery recovery

Pet Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy - What You Need To Know About Rehabilitative Therapy For Pets

What is rehab for pets?

Rehab is similar to human medicine. We often think about sports-related injuries and how after a surgery or injury, you have to go to rehab to get moving again. We do the same thing for pets. Our goal is to get your pet moving again as fast as possible and help build muscle for nerve conditions and orthopedic conditions. We can help treat a wide range of issues to give your pets the best possible quality and quantity of life.

Holly Bell, CVT
Green Prairie Animal Hospital

How long does pet rehabilitation take?

Pet rehabilitation duration can vary significantly from pet to pet, and it largely depends on the type of injury they have. For example, in case of an orthopedic injury, if the pet is in great health and we perform the surgical procedure, we can get them moving very quickly. This could result in a shorter rehab period, maybe four months or so. However, for nerve-related conditions, where pets unfortunately have diseases that will result in deterioration, we may see them for long periods of time, even until the end of life. We tailor the rehab to each pet entirely.

How can I tell if my pet is making progress in the rehab program?

The progress of your pet in the rehab program depends on their condition or disease. We start with an initial consultation with one of our veterinarians and diagnose the condition. Then we develop a rehab plan. Within the first couple of sessions, we can either see great progress, or identify areas where we can further help your pet. In some cases, we deal with conditions that unfortunately are deteriorating the pet's lifestyle and there may not be much we can do. But within the realm of rehabilitation therapy, there are a wide range of things we can do to help.

What does a first consultation visit look like?

During the first consultation, we bring in the pet and discuss their condition with one of our veterinarians. We prefer to take an hour to do a thorough examination of the pet. We then develop a plan with the veterinarian and share our findings with you. We also want to understand what you want out of the program. Based on this, we develop a protocol and figure out what works best for you and your pet. We discuss things that you can do at home and then schedule follow-up visits as per a frequency that works best. We aim to get started with the rehab process right away.